To The Next One Who is Thinking of Murder

I woke up today, and made the mistake of checking my social media pages. There is was.. another murder. Sometimes when I look its only one or two deaths, but most days its dozens. I ask myself why, every day. Why do you feel the need to take someone’s life along with your own? I understand we could never know what is going through your mind, or the way you are feeling, but what I do understand is that life hurts. We all have hurt. We all feel, we are all a little unstable at times; but, we don’t all come unhinged in that sense. We don’t all commit selfish acts that categorize us in a column of evil, and we don’t all drag others down with us.

We find ways to cope with the pain of life, and ways to make things feel better. Just because you can’t completely make the pain go away, doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to ease it, and make life worth living. Everyone has a life, we all protect it with everything we have, it truly is the one thing we really have. We can’t take anything but our souls with us to the grave, so if you are the one to take that away from someone, you truly are the evil that lies within this world. Taking someone else’s life is a cowardly act that only the most sinister of people commit. It doesn’t make you better than anyone, it doesn’t put you in control, and it doesn’t make you more powerful. What it does, is it makes you a coward who cannot cope with problems like the rest of us. It makes you weak, and out of control of your own life. Committing murder is the one most unacceptable thing a person could do, and I am sure you feel like this is a good reason to do it, but do you understand what you are doing?

I recently lost my grandmother, and I have never lost anyone before. I now know what it’s like to lose someone close, and what it’s like to want them back. When I think of what is going through your mind I think it is much like what was going through my mind when I lost my grandma. I think you lost touch with yourself. I think somewhere deep inside you forgot that you are loved, and needed. You forgot that the only thing in this life that matters, if you think you have nobody, is you. You matter. You have your own way you brighten this world, and make it better every day for someone, even if it’s just yourself. If you think you have nobody, then you have lost touch in your faith no matter what that faith is in. It could be faith in god, family, love, or most of all yourself. You need to have faith in yourself and always remember that life isn’t as hard as you think it is. There is someone out there coping just like you. They are feeling what you feel, and if you think nobody understands, you must remember that we are human. Being a human means that we make mistakes, and we all share something with one another no matter what it is.

All I am trying to say is that no matter how much you hurt, you are not alone. You don’t need to take the lives of innocent people to prove that you’re hurting, because we all know. We are all hurting and coping just like you, and we all feel just like you. Don’t take the life of that person next to you just because you can, take your own life back and make a change because you can. You really can make a difference if you just remember that we are all equal. Nobody is better, and nobody is worse. Our lives are all about decisions, and some people make better ones than others. This choice you are about to make, makes you the bad person who makes the bad mistakes, but if you just decide to put the gun down, and keep trying it makes you the person that is really in control. The person who is strong enough to take life back, and not take it away. It truly makes you the one in control.

If you ever feel that you’re not important, or that your life doesn’t matter, it does. If you want to take control of your own life back, it starts with the first step. Everyone needs help at some point in life, don’t be ashamed.

Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255