An Open Letter To My Stepfather

When I was just a little girl, my mom met you and fell in love. She told you she had children, and you even had your own. You made it seem like you accepted us, and wanted us as your own too, but that was just at first. At first you were around when my mom needed you, and you made it seem like you wanted to be a father figure to us, because that made you more appealing. At first, it’s all about being the good guy, well, at least for a person like you it is.

At first, we were all perfect in your eyes and you made it seem like this was something you were looking for forever. But you knew it wasn’t. You knew you didn’t want any of us. What we didn’t know, was that you were the master of manipulation, and that you could play along with any little game just to get my mom’s attention. She was a hard worker who had a good plan to make a lot of money, that’s all you saw. You saw an opportunity to take someone’s life and mold it into something you want, because her life had hardly begun, and she didn’t know any better.

You are controlling, manipulative, and abusive. You are a killer. You kill the good things inside people who are around you, and that’s not even the worst thing. You shot our dog when we moved in with you, you shoot eagles, you kill things out of season, and the thing I resent the most, is you made us kill. You made my sister kill a litter of puppies when she was too young to tell you no because you would hurt us if we did. You made us kill a sheep with nothing but a big stick. You made us throw puppies and kittens over a bridge because you said they were too sick to live. You are sick, and you need help. None of this has ever been okay but you being your manipulative self, you made it okay.

My mom always thought you were right. She always believed every word you said because you made her think that way. You made my mom into your puppet. You pull her strings and spend her money like her body is lifeless. She is just a used-up soul, a new toy for you. You took her and made her into something and someone nobody wants to be around, and not even herself. She hates herself because you make her hate her. You make her think she has no other choice but you because she isn’t good enough for anyone. You make her think if she were to leave she would not make it on her own. You make her think that you are the only reason she is where she is today, and she doesn’t know any better but to believe you because that is all she knows.

She lost her children because you pushed them away. You blind her with your bullshit and try to shield her from anyone who will call you out on it. You took my mother’s beautiful heart, and soul, and you crushed it. You molded her life to the shape you wanted it, and now she is stuck. That’s right, she is stuck. You could do or say anything you want, but we all know that if she could go back and change it, she would rather surround herself with people who really do love her.

I am writing this letter to you, to inform you that I am done. I am no longer a part of your lives. You made her miss the biggest milestones of her children’s lives because you are a coward. The definition of a coward is, “A person who lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things.” You missed these big events in my life because you are afraid my mother will see that the important things in life are what really matters, and you sir, are not one of them. You are a coward because you will not come forward to help us to solve this issue between you and I, but you hide behind my mother and put your words in her mouth.

It is time to face it. You win, and you can have my mother’s empty soul. But, just know that I had the best days of her life, and you will never have her like I did. You will never get to see the real person that is inside her because you killed her, and you continue to do so every day. Just always remember that she is not, and will never be, happy with you no matter how hard you try to make her think she is.

2 thoughts on “An Open Letter To My Stepfather”

  1. You are so incredibly strong. It is crazy to me to think that you can still be as genuine of a person as you are even through all the shit you’ve been through. I miss you tons. & I continue to look at you as the most strong and beautiful person that I know. 2009 to now. My family and I will always ALWAYS be here for you. I love you siso. xx Madi Jeanne


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